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Our "F.A.Q Section" is really an acronym for "Frequently Asked Question(s)". After years of survey and research, our Marketing and Customer Support Department made up a list with more than 90% from all the questions that our clients ask via email, phone or forum. If you read carefully this section, you will find almost anything you need to know about the way Invest Online Ltd. operates and conducts business.The entire "FAQ" section it's structured in three main chapters:

General Questions
Deposit & Withdrawal Inquiries
Other Related Questions

General Questions

q What is the IO Group?
Invest Online Ltd. is an offshore leading brokerage company formed by a group of experienced investment advisers, skilled market analysts, professional traders and legal experts. More information about our investment company and corporate documents can be found in About Us page.

q How long have you been operating?
The financial holding company Invest Online Ltd. was founded in 2003, and registered offshore in the Seychelles; the legal regulation is common English law, that guarantees protection of law. The registration of the Company in offshore jurisdiction allows it to be more flexible in satisfaction of Customer demands: the Company works with majority of payment systems, has simplified scheme of contract's celebration, high level of information confidentiality and shall not be the Fiscal Agent.

q Why should I choose IO Group?
We have extensive experience in all aspects of financial markets. Our traders not only have vocational education, specialist knowledge and years of practice but also a clear global vision of FX trading. This allow us to show excellent investment results and have many of satisfying long-standing clients and people referred by them. We have created new methods of market forecasting and are continuing to develop and apply them. Moreover in our 10 years of online trading, results show that our methods really do work.

q How long do you intend to operate?
The development of the "Online Investment Platform" allowed us to reach a broader spectrum of investors from all around the globe. The shareholders and the management intend to make Invest Online Ltd. one of the world's leading investment companies. As per the way we operate, we do not have any changes in que for the following years.

q How are you capable of generating such large profits?
Our professional traders and investment experts each have a background of at least 25 years in their area of expertise and they know which opportunities to seize upon. They have their own secrets and special methods that are applied to great success, but they always need funding for their investments therefore our program works for everyone involved. The basic principle is: more money available to our experts, the larger the profit margin we can obtain.

q What extra assurance can you provide us?
Online security is our core focus so according to each investment account is insured to up to $100K USD. Please see our GeoTrust dynamic True Site Seal trustmark.

q Are you listed on any hyip rating websites?
We are NOT on any hyip monitoring websites because WE ARE NOT A HYIP. This is a fully licensed brokerage company verified by PolyReg, with the international office located in Zurich, Europe's largest financial center, and regulated by the Swiss Federal Act of Anti-Money Laundering. Please see our corporate documents in the About Us section, we do not wish to be associated with the hyip "business" in any way.

q And what about my personal information?
We operate according to a very strict Privacy Policy and we can guarantee you that your personal information will never be disclosed or sold to third parties without a Seychelles court of law subpoena. Moreover, your account data is stored in our database using strong 256-bit AES encryption enforced by

q Do you offer some Due Diligence information?
Transparency is one of the key features here at IO Group. Therefore we have uploaded all our company's corporate documents on the About Us section of our webpage page.

q Where are your offices located?
We have 2 subsidiaries: one in Switzerland (Zurich), that handles most of the online investments, and another one that handles only server related problems in Panama City, Panama. The corporate headquarters it's located in the Seychelles. Visit our Contacts section for more information.

Deposit & Withdrawal Questions

q Who can participate in this program?
Anybody who accepts our Terms and Agreements can benefit from our services. We accept residents from all over the world, not only the U.S. Our only requirement is that our investors must be at least 18 years old.

q What is the minimum and maximum deposit?
Our minimum deposit limit is $100 USD. We do not have a maximum limit yet, however if your deposit exceeds $10,000,000 USD you will need to inform us with at least 3 days prior to your investment.

q What are the risks associated to my investment at IO Group?
IO Group has managed to eliminate all the risk factors involved in the Nasdaq and Forex fluctuations with a backup fund accumulated in 10 years of online trading. Naturally, we've also experienced moments of negative trading results, but for these circumstances our reserve funds have been accumulated. Our average monthly trading profit ranges between $65,000,000 and $70,500,000 USD. A significant percentage goes to our reserve funds, to the main trading fund and the rest of the interest is distributed between the traders and our investors. This gives our services a unique feature, by being the first and currently the ONLY money back guaranteed brokerage company. There are NO RISKS associated to your IO Group investment as we guarantee your principal deposit back if anything goes wrong no matter what.

q Are there any hidden taxes, administrative fees or other costs?
No, we don't charge any administrative fees or any other kind of taxes/fees.

q Is there any online registration process needed?
We run a very strict Privacy Policy, so we do not collect any excessive personal information (SSN, Address, etc.) like most of the brokerage companies and banks do. However, registration is needed in order to invest at Invest Online Ltd, simply select a plan and go through the registration form. All information that we need from our customers, are stipulated into the registration form, please make sure the information is accurate because we need it in order to process your daily interest. All these information are stored in our database using strong 256-bit AES encryption provided by and will not be sold to any third party or disclosed to anybody without a Seychelles court of law subpoena.

q What Payment Methods we accept?
Depending on your location you will be able to use the following payment methods.
For USA residents:

-- All Credit and Debit cards bearing the Visa & Mastercard logo

For non USA residents:

-- All Credit and Debit cards bearing the Visa & Mastercard logo

q How can we invest using Solidtrustpay, Bitcoin and EgoPay ?
SolidTrustpay, BitCoin and EgoPay are innovative payment networks and a new kind of money. BitCoin is the world's most widely used alternative currency with a total market cap of approximately $1 billion. You can open an online account with them for free in just 2 minutes, and have all the known funding methods available to you, including: wire transfer, money order, checks or credit cards.

The specific details about using BitCoin, Solidtrustpay or EgoPay to invest with IO Group can be found on our online forum at :

q How can I invest using my Credit Card?
Credit Card deposits for up to $1000 USD are accepted into our Test Plan. Simply select the Test Plan from our Investments section and you will be redirected to our payment processor.

q Can I increase the funds I added to my deposit?
Yes, you can do that at any time by logging to your IO Group Account, and depositing the funds.

q What is the minimum amount that I can add to my investment ?
You may add funds to your portfolio only once per week, every Monday, as long as the additional deposit exceeds $20 USD.

q What investment plans you have to offer?
-- Test Plan ( 0.7% daily for 100 days ) Amounts range : $100 USD - $1000 USD
Accepted Payment Methods : EgoPay, Bitcoin, SolidTrustpay
-- Beginner's Plan ( 1.0% daily for 100 days ) Amounts range : $1001 USD - $10,000 USD
Accepted Payment Methods : EgoPay, Bitcoin
-- Advanced Plan ( 1.5% daily for 100 days ) Amounts range : $10,001 USD - $20,000 USD
Accepted Payment Methods : EgoPay, Bitcoin
-- Professional Plan (2.5% daily for 65 days ) Amounts range : $20,001 USD - $100,000 USD
Accepted Payment Methods : Egopay, Bitcoin
-- Premium Plan ( rates 4% ~ 5% for 40 days ) Amounts range : $100,001 USD Minimum
Accepted Payment Methods : Bitcoin
For a more detailed view, you should check our Investments section.

q Will I get my principal deposit back?
Yes you do. The principal deposit is returned at the end of the plan, along with your last due daily payment.

q Can i have multiple deposits under the same account?
You may have as many deposits as you wish. For example you can have one deposit in our Test Plan, two in our Beginner's Plan, three in our Advanced Plan etc. There is no limit on how many deposits you can have at one time.

q Is compounding available on all plans?
No it isn't. Compounding is a bonus feature currently available only to our Professional and Premium Members.

q How do i receive my daily profit?
Your daily interest is paid directly into the Solidtrustpay, BitCoin or EgopPay account that you used to invest with us.

q When do I receive my daily profit?
We process profit payments on working days only (Monday to Friday), 2 pm - 11 pm, Pacific time (US & Canada).

Other Related Questions

q How will investor updates be provided?
We update all our investors via email as soon as any updates occur. You should also check our News and Forum section from time to time.

q What is the Referral Program?
This program is an opportunity for our members to earn some extra income by inviting other people to open an investment account with IO Group.

q Is there any referral bonus?
We offer a 5% referral bonus to all clients who recommend our service to future Professional Plan members and a 3% bonus for referring us Premium Plan investors.

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